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MONDivation: Your Happiness is in Your Own Hands

Danika Brysha

Sometimes it is hard to remember that the only person in charge of our own individual happiness is ourselves.  We often credit people with too much power and too much control when it comes to how we feel.  If we want things to happen, we must work hard and do the things that will put our goals into action.  We can't just sit around and wait for others to do the work for us.  The only person that is truly fighting for you to the highest potential is yourself, and though it isn't always easy to realize that, we need to be sure that we are always keeping ourselves as the priority and not waiting for others to do the work for us.

It is tough working in an industry where you must wait for the call that tells you that you are working.  You can't call up big clothing corporations on your own and sell yourself as the product, but you can do your best to get your name out there and do good work when you are given those opportunities to grow.  I had a tough time at first when I realized I had to rely on others to ultimately earn my paychecks, but over time I learned that there were many other ways that I could help further my career outside of waiting for a call.  Even if you don't have control over your company or the big decisions that are being made, you will always have control over yourself and how you are portrayed.  Never stop learning and always try to be improving upon yourself as an individual, and the rest of the pieces will just fall into place.