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A Return To Love

Danika Brysha


There is an awakening happening and I feel blissful knowing that I get to be around for it. That's the way it is. The world can go two ways in its current state. We can keep destroying each other and our planet and end this entire adventure of being human, or we can realize that there's another way. We can love and co-create and feel and connect and unify. I choose the latter. I hope enough of us do too.

I just finished reading Marianne Williamson's book, A Return to Love, for the second time and I was once again reminded that it is by far the most transformational and powerful piece of literature I have ever read. Read it. But read it slowly. Take in every single word and read with the knowledge that your understanding of all those words could quite possibly be completely different than the way she uses them. I've never highlighted or taken more margin notes in my life. Books are such a blessing. I remember the days I used to read the same page over and over and have no idea what I read. My self-care habits and wellness have change all of that. They've given me the capacity to have a clear mind and an efficient being.

It's funny how this wellness journey, the clean eating especially, serves primarily as a tool for keeping my spiritual practice. Everything I do is in an effort to clear my mind and vessel in whatever way it takes to hear that inner voice just a little louder. To be able to tune in, focus, listen, pray, meditate. HEAR.