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September Whole30 2019

 Are you ready for a major change? Have you been eager to try the Whole30 Challenge but your busy schedule and the overwhelm of something new feels like too much? Are you local to Southern California, SF Bay Area, or Phoenix Area?

For this 2019 September Whole30 Group, I wanted to do something unlike anything I’ve done before. Check out the below video to learn more.

Watch the Video Below to Learn More:

Included in Danika’s 2019 SEPTEMBER WHOLE30 Group you’ll receive:


60 Whole30 Approved Ready-to-Eat Model Meals

After numerous Whole30s, I decided to start cooking these meals on my own and delivering them to friends. 4 years later and we’ve built one of the top meal delivery services in the country. Model Meals are 100% Whole30 Approved, and delivered to your home, twice weekly. Menus change every delivery and you can pick only meals that sound good to you. Meals are sourced with the highest quality ingredients available. You’ll receive a Model Meals gift card with total value of $900 for approximately 60 meals to be used over the course of your Whole30. Membership to this group is limited to those who live in the current Model Meals delivery radius, as meals are a required part of this program. Enter your zip code HERE to confirm that we deliver to your area before purchasing your membership to this September Whole30 group.

*We do have expansion on the very near horizon into all areas of California, Arizona, and Nevada. If we are able to open these territories in time for the start of this group, I will make an announcement and membership will be available to those who live in the three states listed.


In-Person Event #1

Event #1: Whole30 Kickoff BBQ + Meal Prep/Cooking Lessons from Chef Bill Haley

Saturday, August 31st, 2019 - 4-7pm PST

Costa Mesa, CA

On the day before we start our September Whole30, we’ll come together in person for the first time at my home in Costa Mesa, CA. We’ll get to know each other, have a BBQ, and learn from Chef Bill Haley how to do some basic cooking and meal prep. You’ll receive your Whole30 swag bag and your Self Care Workbook too to start you off on a great track.

*in-person events are not required but are a great way to get to know group members and to stay supported. You are not required to attend all in-person events, but your membership includes all costs involved in these experiences. See FAQ below for more details

Model Meals Final Logo 03.jpg

In-Person Event #2

Event #2: Model Meals Kitchen Tour + Whole30 Brunch

Saturday, September 14th, 2019 - 10am-12pm;

Santa Ana, CA

For our second in-person event, we’ll meet at Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market where the Model Meals commercial kitchen and HQ operates. You’ll get to meet some of the team, see the kitchen, and enjoy a Whole30 brunch. We’ll check in with each other and connect on how we’re feeling halfway through.


IN-PERSON Event #3

Event #3: Final Whole30 Party + Reintroduction Planning

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 - 4-6pm

Costa Mesa, CA

For our final in person get together, we’ll have a Whole30 dinner from Chef Bill Haley where we’ll check in on our Whole30 experience and discuss our plan for reintroduction



Our larger group will be broken down into smaller groups and we’ll have a recurring 45 minute virtual check-in call each week from the beginning of the Whole30 to the end of Reintroduction where we can each share our challenges and victories, ask for help, and support our fellow Whole30ers. Calls will be done via Zoom video conferencing and will be at the same recurring time each week. Our group call times will be as listed below. When you register for the group you will sign up for your time slot and should plan to attend this call weekly from September 5th/6th to October 10th/11th.

  • Group Artichoke: Thursdays 5:30pm-6:15pm

  • Group Broccoli: Thursdays 6:45pm-7:30pm

  • Group Celery: Fridays 6:15am-7am

  • Group Daikon: Fridays 7:15am-8am


WEBINAR: Whole30 Basics, Preparation, and What To Expect

Monday, August 26th from 6:30pm-7:30pm PST

We’ll have our first official kickoff call where I’ll walk through all things Whole30. We’ll talk through what to expect, how to best prepare, how to order your Model Meals, and more. This will be a time to ask questions, get to know other group members, and build a foundation for a successful September Whole30



Thursday, August 29th, 2019 6:30pm-7:30pm PST

You’ll learn Danika’s original Self Care Checklist and scheduling tactics to help cultivate healthy habits that last well beyond your Whole30. You’ll receive a workbook to use throughout your Whole30 challenge and reintroduction



At our first in-person event you’ll receive your group workbook to help keep you on track throughout our time together. This will combine Whole30 tactics with my own personal self care structure so you have a checklist for accountability for every single day of your commitment


Whole30 Product Swag Bag

At our first in-person event, you’ll receive some goodies from my favorite Whole30 Approved brands to help make your Whole30 journey just a little easier



At our first in-person event we’ll giveaway some great Whole30 Approved products to some lucky winners




We’ll have a private Facebook Community for members to connect in 24/7 throughout the week. If you don’t have Facebook, no need to worry, as we’ll do most of our connecting in person and on our calls


And More!


The Cost of membership for Danika’s September 2019 Whole30 Group is $1800

Included in this cost is a $900 gift card to Model Meals, 3 In-Person Events with Professionally Catered Meals, 2 All Group Webinars, 6 Small Group Coaching Calls, Swag Bag, Workbook, Facebook Group, Accountability Buddy, Giveaways, and More

Registration opens on Tuesday, August 6th, at 8am PST. Return to this page to secure your tickets.



Who Can Join This Group?

This is a coed group that is open to all humans over the age of 18. Members under the age of 18 must be joining the group with a family member or friend to accompany them. While my community tends to be primarily female, we welcome any gender, sexuality, or identification. You must be in the Model Meals delivery territory to be a member of this group. Enter your zip code here to find out if we serve your area. We currently serve most cities in Southern California, San Francisco Bay area, and Phoenix area. In the coming weeks, we will likely be opening our delivery territory to include all cities in California, Arizona, and Nevada. When we do, we will update these FAQ’s and make announcements on all platforms.

Can I Do The Group Without Ordering Meals?

Ordering Model Meals are required to be a member of this group. You may technically use your $900 Model Meals gift card at any time, as the amount does not expire, but we encourage group members to use it during this September Whole30 if possible. We do not offer a discounted group membership without Model Meals.

What If I Can’t Make The In-Person Events or Virtual Calls?

We know you have busy lives and many commitments, so it’s understandable if you cannot make all three in-person events or all the calls/webinars. We would highly encourage you to find a way to make it to the first event on Saturday, August 31st as this will be the time to get to know your group members, receive your workbook and swag bag, and more. We will not provide refunds to those who cannot attend in person events. If you miss the first in-person event, we will include your swag bag and workbook in your Model Meals delivery. Webinars will be recorded for later viewing if you cannot make the dates. If you need to miss a small group call, we will do our best to reschedule you with another group that week as space permits.

Is Travel and Hotel Included For Attending In-Person Events?

While we assume many of you will be local to the Southern California area, we know some are coming from further. We do not provide housing or travel for in-person events. Getting to the in-person events is not required but greatly encouraged. We will however be happy to help coordinate carpools and roommates for those coming from further away.

Why Are You Doing A Local Event?

We live in a very digital world and I’ve found that we are craving in-person human connection. I wanted to provide a group that allowed for a little bit of both, which is why I chose to do it locally and with in-person events. For those who are not local, I will be putting on many other experiences and events over the course of the next months and years so there will be plenty of opportunities for you too.

Why Are You Qualified To Lead Me Through This?

I am one of the original Whole30 Certified Coaches through the Whole30 organization. I have done many Whole30s successfully and have a passion for sharing it with others. I have also worked as a one-on-one coach with many women and men, as well as worked with over 2500 women in 2018 on my Brunch Series Tour. I have a consistent and non-negotiable self care routine that has completely transformed my life. In 2014, my first Whole30 kicked off a dramatic growth period for me personally. Just three years ago I lived in my parent’s garage, buried in debt, struggling with binge eating, and self doubt. Today I work with women all over the world on cultivating more self worth, self love, and self care, while owning and operating two businesses and a large team of passionate people. I’ve also spent ten years working as a body positive fashion model and enjoy sharing my tips and tricks for self confidence through an industry that at one point felt less than inspiring.

How Does the Meal Credit Work?

In order to be fair to all members, you will be receiving a $900 gift card to Model Meals as part of your membership. This $900 gift card averages out to about 60 meals at $15 per meal. Meals range in price from $8-$16 so the number of meals you receive will depend upon the cost of the meals you choose. You may also use your gift card credit on Whole30 compliant add-ons like bars, meat sticks, sauces, and more. If you do not use your full gift card amount in September, it will carry over until you use the full amount. Gift card value will not expire. If you use your full gift card prior to the end of the Whole30, you will be responsible for purchasing your own meals as needed.

Will You Order Model Meals For Me?

You will receive weekly reminders to order your own meals on our website. Our menus change for every delivery and we want you to receive the meals you like. You will be responsible for ordering your meals before the delivery deadline. If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to get meals for that delivery.

When Will The Small Groups Be Held?

Small groups are held via Zoom Video Conferencing and will occur at the same time weekly. You will be with the same small group each week and will have the same call time. Should you have a conflict, we will do our best to get you into another group but this will depend on group size and availability.

  • Group Artichoke: Thursdays 5:30pm-6:15pm

  • Group Broccoli: Thursdays 6:45pm-7:30pm

  • Group Celery: Fridays 6:15am-7am

  • Group Daikon: Fridays 7:15am-8am

Where Are The In-Person Events?

The exact addresses will be provided to registered members as the events approach. All events will be located in Orange County, California.

How Many People Will Be In This Group?

This group will max out at 40 people

Is This Good For Someone Who Is Doing Their First Whole30?

This is the perfect group for a total newbie or a seasoned veteran. Our content will ensure that even the newest Whole30er feels confident and prepared. Having Whole30 meals ready to go in the fridge helps too!

What If I Fall Off The Wagon and Don’t Finish My Whole30, Can I Get A Refund? Am I Kicked Out Of The Group?

We believe in empowerment and gentleness. While you technically won’t finish an official Whole30 with us, you are still welcome in our group and to participate in all content and experiences, even if you fall off the wagon. We believe in progress not perfection, and we know that these changes take time and that life happens. We cannot provide any refunds after Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 at 12am PST.

When Can I Register?

Registration opens on Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 at 8am PST. Registration is first come, first served.

When Does Registration Close?

Registration will remain open until the group sells out or up until August 30th, 2019 at 12am PST

Have Additional Questions?

Email us at and we’ll get right back to you!