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You Year 2019

Let’s face it: A healthy life isn’t just about eating real food and saying a few affirmations. With 2019 right around the corner, I wanted to do something unlike anything I’ve ever done. After hosting 66 in-person events this year, working with countless individual clients, and guiding 270 people through a September Whole30, I’ve learned so many valuable tools about what really WORKS when it comes to a truly fresh start, engaged and accountable community, and a mindful well-rounded lifestyle.

Enter: You Year 2019. My first ever group to focus on a wide variety of wellness subjects and education. From Whole30 to meditation, financial mindset to mindful movement, decluttering your lifestyle and more. This group will run from December 26th, 2018 to February 3rd, 2019. My intention is to help you get clear on what you want, execute a plan for staying accountable to those goals, receive education from a wide variety of mindful living experts, and to start 2019 off better than you ever have before.

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This group includes: 

Private Instagram Group

Access to the private You Year Instagram account with posts and interaction from Danika and a wide variety of guest takeovers and content

The Expert’s Guide to Well Rounded Wellness

The private Instagram page will feature takeovers and news feed posts, from experts and influencers in a wide variety of subjects including: Whole30, Nutrition, Fitness, Sobriety, Meditation, Finance, Parenting, and much more. 

The Workbook

At the end of our time together, you’ll leave with a digital workbook packed full of information from Danika and the experts that were featured. This workbook will include their top tips, resources, daily and monthly challenge ideas, contacts, and more. 

Danika’s Original Content

The page will also provide original content from Danika, sharing tips and resources on a variety of wellness minded subjects (think favorite books, technologies, life hacks, practices, etc) throughout the course of the group 

Live Workshops: 

Included in the group are three live interactive workshops with Danika (held in late December to prepare for 2019) on the following subjects:

WORKSHOP: Mindful Goal Setting + Planning

Get clear on your 2019 intentions, break them down into manageable steps, learn how to schedule them for success, and to create lasting change without the overwhelm and stress

WORKSHOP: Whole30 101

The basics, how best to prepare, support hacks, and more

Workshop: Self Care Checklist Basics + Building Your Own

Danika’s original accountability tool for staying accountable to your healthy habits and goals. Learn all about it and build your first one along with her

*all workshops will be recorded and available for viewing at a later date. All workshops are optional. You do not need to be doing a Whole30 to join this group.

Small Group Sessions

When signing up for the group you will also sign up for a small group session. You will be placed in a group of 8-20 other people with whom you will have a 2 hour small group video meeting with Danika. This small group will be a space that you can confirm and commit to goals, gain clarity for your 2019, and build like minded community. You will also be connected to those in your small group for accountability.  

Whole30 Support

You do not have to do a Whole30 to be part of this group but if you happen to be embarking on one, there will be plenty of support and content in this arena. From the preparatory workshop to connecting with other Whole30ers and takeovers from Whole30 coaches, you’re in the perfect place for success. 


Member interaction will occur in a variety of ways throughout the term. You will be able to interact with other members in the instagram feed below daily posts as well as in your small group session and in our weekly virtual round tables via Instagram LIVE, where you’ll have the option to join me on video to share with the group. You’ll also have plenty of space for interaction in our workshops via Zoom webinars. 

Weekly Virtual Round Tables

Each week Danika will hop on Instagram Live at a set time to hold space for group sharing and interaction. This will be a one hour weekly segment where we can stay connected, share how we’re doing, and lift each other up. You can view live and interact in real time or you can watch the replay. 

Weekly Emails

You’ll receive weekly emails reminding you of the scheduled guests for the week, events, resources, group challenges, and more.

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