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Welcome to my squeaky clean new website. I'm really glad you're here!

Who Am I?

Well that's a loaded question. 

I parade as a few different things these days but I find the most pleasure in the experience of waking up and chasing whichever of my passions feels most authentic to the day. Hell, the minute. 

At the core of it all, I aim to be a platform through which others can find tools to live their fullest possible life. I do this through sharing my own experience, practices, and struggles. I've transformed my life from one that often felt numb, uninspired, and out of control, into a life that for a long time I assumed was just a fantasy in my wildest dreams.  I have a deep desire to inspire this in others, and I do so in a variety of ways...

A few of the roles you'll see me playing are:

Founder and CEO of Model Meals, a meal-delivery and content business in Southern California, focused on helping others to clean up their diets

"Plus-size" Model

Lifestyle Personality and Content Creator

Recovered bulimic. Recovering binge-eater and food addict

Wellness Coach 

Retreat Leader


Personal Chef and Clean-Eating Expert

Human Being.