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Doing Enough

Danika Brysha



Last night in my exhausted state I typed a lovely blog post as part of this challenge and then my website crashed and I lost it. And in an act of self-love, acceptance, and progress-not-perfection, I decided to close my screen and gently say to myself… It’s ok. 


It’s ok.


We are so hard on ourselves and sometimes we just need a break. Self-care is about tuning in to your needs in any given moment, not forcing yourself to do something so you can check a box. So you can say you did something “every day”. So you can do it “perfectly”. 


It’s a fine line that I’m not entirely sure how to communicate when it comes to creating new habits. I swear by my monthly self-challenges but I don’t swear by my ability to judge what is truly doable for me. I’m learning as I go but I don’t always get it right. I always say that the most important thing about these habit-creating monthly challenges is that they be nearly FAIL-PROOF. If you’re going to commit to anything “every day” you must set yourself up for success. Meditation for 2 minutes every day. Make your bed every morning. Write down one thing you’re grateful for. Keep. Things. Simple.


And so I’m here having to admit that I didn’t do it perfectly. I missed a day on my challenge and after further observation I realized I actually missed another. And that’s ok. More than ok. Because the second theme that has played out so strongly this month from a deep, wise, knowing place within me, is that I AM ENOUGH. Separate for what I do or say or achieve. We come to this human experience as perfect, flawless beings and our only trouble is that we so often forget that.