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Halloween- Beyond the Sexy Schoolgirl

Danika Brysha

(Originally published: October 25, 2010)
In honor of the holiday, I have put together my TOP 20 most prized costumes over the years.
Hopefully it will inspire you to have a totally radical 2010 Halloween Costume. At the very least, it may inspire you to consider having an intervention with me about how I choose to use my free time.
I love Halloween. I don't know if it is the chubby kid inside who just gets excited about free candy, or the fact that on the very day, a stellar costume can get me more attention than the next blonde in a tube top.
Obviously this post is very important so be sure to read it completely and thoroughly.
#1 BALD EAGLE- to give it a more realistic effect, try painting your feet neon yellow and going barefoot


#2 SMURF- be prepared to scrub down all your toilet seats and any sort of sitting paraphernalia you will be using unless you are working with a blue color scheme in your home
#3 BUNNY My parents probably had no idea years ago when they put the bunny idea in my head... To this day I am regularly embarrassed that I ever attended a "playboy bunny" frat party. If you stop reading now I understand.

#4 ZEBRA I recommend not using Sharpie on your face... especially if you have a commitment the next morning, like, say, oh I don't know, visiting an orphanage in rural India.

#5 OPRAH I hear designated body paint stays on a little better than Acrylic. Next time...

#6 FIREMAN This wasn't really Halloween, we just locked our keys in the car in the mountains so we killed some time while the firemen got them out
#7 CHOLA Cheeto Crumbs are an essential detail to complete the look

8 RON BURGANDY & VERONICA CORNINGSTONE (ANCHORMAN) - you have to hang out with people of the opposite sex to do a couples costume. Luckily at this point in my life I had a lot of guy friends since all my female friends were really hot


#9 RICHARD SIMMONS You can only pull this off if you have a VERY UNBELIEVABLY athletic body, like myself

#10 MISS PIGGY... child abuse

#12 IN-N-OUT EMPLOYEE- as most of you know this was not Halloween either.. it was my real life... (The roller blades were an added touch in college but definitely a safety hazard)

#13 CHRISTMAS GIFT- my bag ripped immediately upon my first bathroom visit. Apparently these aren't one size fits all.
#14 EMO No one talked to Molly nor I that night.... I think we were in bed by 11
#15 NERD Most people went as sexy nurses...
#18 WHERE'S WALDO Try to find him in pictures #2 and #3

#19 DOUBLE DOUBLE Locked the top bun in my minivan in High School. Had to wait for the AAA guy in the bottom half of the costume.

#20 and finally... PILLSBURY DOUGHBOY clearly I slutted it up a little when I got to college.... had to fit in in the sorority...