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Halloween Part 2: My Roommate Meghan

Danika Brysha

(Originally Published: November 1, 2010)

Because I am obsessed with Halloween and today is the only day that I can still get away with posting more Halloween paraphenelia, that is what I am going to do.

This weekend I took a very last minute road trip from LA to San Francisco with some friends for no good reason whatsoever.  My roommate Angela and I were originally going to be Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick (guess which straw I drew...) but the trip happened so quickly that I decided to be Marilyn Monroe.  I think this is the first time I have ever been anything that you can buy at Spirit Halloween Store or any Halloween store for that matter.  My mom might disown me.

I like to believe I pulled the costume off well, but I was consistently getting "Anna-Nicole" shouts from across the streets.  Now, I think Anna Nicole Smith had some good points in her life but I'm pretty sure those things aren't what she is recognized for.  I don't know about you but the first things that come to mind for me are TrimSpa, Larry Birkhead, and the fact that she is DEAD.... I'm sure they meant well though... um... yeah, I'm sure they did.

Anyways, to distract you guys from the fact that my Charlize Theron in Monster/Scott Disick costume didn't quite work out, I thought I would highlight 20 of my roommate Meghan's top costumes over the years.   She is single and on the market so please send all boyfriend/date night/casual sex applications to

Just so you know, this is what she looks like in real life....

  1. Colonel Sanders

2.  Santa Claus

3. Nacho Libre

4. Elephant with complete with Beer Bong Trunk- Meg is all about practicality

5.  Marie Antoinette

6. Da Bears

7. Charlie Chaplin

8. Bjork

9. Mexican

10. Kung Fu Panda

11. Christina Aguilera

12.  I don't even know what this is other than creepy

13. Michael Jackson (RIP)

14. Shirley Temple-  Considering Meghan aged about 15 times slower than the rest of us I'm assuming she was about 27 when this picture was taken

15. Man-  She probably got laid this night...

16. Prostitute Innocent Hawaiian Hula Girl

17. Zombie

18. Cupid... This must've been during her sorority days

19.  Centaur-  completely homemade might I add  (sorry for the darkness... this was last night so we don't have a great image yet)

20. And last but certainly not least, one of this years award winners... George Costanza

I'm assuming at this point you probably want to come over.  Good news.  We have decided to throw a Quinceanera.  You have about a month to pic up a neon rhinestone encrusted poof dress or matching neon striped tie/pocket square combo and to find an amigo guapo.

Until next time...