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Danika Brysha

I'm a big believer in positive energy and the idea that we have the power to draw things to us if we truly want them.  Some may think it's cheesy but I have a vision board with some of my favorite quotes, photos, and anything that inspires me, and I read it daily.  Mondays are always a little tough so some weekly Monday motivation seemed like a great routine to start, and I know exactly the quote I want to use.

When I recently decided I needed to get back into writing/blogging again, I had gone through several month of what I guess I would call neutrality.  I was happy and things were good but I found myself at a place where I wasn't quite sure what my next step should be towards achieving the many goals I've set out for myself.  After what felt like ages of contemplation and brainstorming, I started writing and building content for my new site, and one by one, things started clicking into place.  I've started taking Hosting and Improv classes, moved to a great new apartment just steps from the beach, am taking efforts to grow my modeling career, and finally feel like I have an avenue to truly express myself.  I feel inspired and passionate and I know the road ahead is bright.  I've never been so excited!

Whatever your rare talent is, take it for all it's worth and be a ROCK STAR!

Happy Monday