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Providing Contrast

Danika Brysha


This challenge has been so hard for me. It has taken A LOT of my energy emotionally. Not because of the time spent doing it but because of the energy I’ve put in to the thinking about doing it. It’s always funny to me how I can stress about doing a task for an entire day and when you finally sit down to do it, it take 10  minutes. 


What I’ve realized from this daily writing challenge is the power of quality over quantity. The value in the writing that stems passionately from my soul versus these sorts of head dumps that occur at night when I’m tired and can barely keep my eyes open and feel somewhat forced. This is the contrast that reminds me of how beautiful the inspired passionate writing that comes to me, often times in the morning, that doesn’t always need to be shared. So often it is for me.


With just a few days left of this challenge, which I will excitedly admit that I am ready for it to be over, I am left to think of my next one. I will announce whatever it is in my last post of this month. I love to write but I feel that my writing is primarily just for me at this point. There’s still a lot I’m learning and it doesn’t feel like it’s meant to share quite yet. And that’s the purpose of this experiment is to show me these things. I am grateful.