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Filtering by Tag: Steve Madden

Style: FALLing Off

Danika Brysha

Now we all know I love a good bodycon dress, but as the weather gets cooler, I can't help but dress more for comfort than courting my future husband.  Enter my simple and casual fall wardrobe.  Boots, jeans, light "Los Angeles appropriate" sweaters.  Nothing like having a little room to grow!

These brown boots have been worn-in severely and I would have them no other way.  They are so comfortable and I have yet to find another pair that I like equally or more, so I'm pushing them to their limit.  I wear a lot more brown than I do black... well with the exception of leather, so they've come in quite handy.

My fabulous (and newly married) friend Lisa, designs some of the coolest jewelry and this necklace is one of her pieces.  You can buy her stuff here (it's very affordable, not to mention unique).  She has skulls, crosses, vintage jewels, gems, and more.  I am most definitely addicted... You should probably be her friend too...

I went to the Torrid event at the Century City mall during LA's Fashion week and ended up leaving with some amazing steals!  I got both these jeans and the navy blue off-the-shoulder top for barely anything!  I feel like these jeans were made for my body as well!  They are super long which I appreciate with my height, and they have a higher rise which is a little more flattering for my shape.  I love wearing pants because I can drop down and get my eagle on at any given time of day without disappointing my father.

Navy Blue Off-the-Shoulder Top- Torrid; White Undershirt- H&M; Grey Skinny Jeans- Torrid; Brown Boots- Steve Madden; Gold Necklace- St. Eve Jewelry; Gold Watch- Michael Kors; Brown Leather Bracelet- Marc Jacobs;  Hair by Lindsey Carter

Style: Lace Face

Danika Brysha

Every so often I shoot something at work that I know I need to add to my wardrobe.  I guess that is a perk about modeling as you get to try on tons of different things, many that you may not normally try yourself, and learn what works best on your body.

I absolutely love the lace trend, especially for the summer.  I think it can be so elegant and feminine, or it can be styled in a way that almost contradicts itself with a leather jacket or biker boots.  I fell hard for this trend and though my closet is quickly becoming a lacey landmine, I knew I had to add this Torrid dress to the collection.  As you can imagine, trying on a ton of clothes all the time isn't the most helpful tool for somebody who tends to shop a little too often, so I forced myself to wait a couple weeks before purchasing.  But when the weeks passed and I found myself still thinking about this dress, I knew my desires were valid.  Having the luxury of knowing it fit, I went online and ordered it.  Contrary to popular belief, models don't often get free clothes... but Torrid, if you're reading this, I'm happy to take some off your hands.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE waist belts.  Because my waist is smaller in comparison to my hips and butt, belting something at the waist tends to give a little more shape to any dresses that I wear.  I'm usually more of a fan of thin belts but I thought this thick-to-thin wrap belt actually worked better with this particular dress.  It also happened to match my favorite worn-out wedge boots!

One of the things that really drew me to this dress was the deep "V" in the back.  I love when something appears classic and somewhat neutral but throws in little design details like this.  I am also a huge fan of this knee length lately.  I think it is a really flattering cut and that it really outlines the curves of my body in a nice way.


Though I live in Los Angeles, I feel very lucky to have my parents and one of my brothers just about an hour away in Newport Beach.  It's not too shabby to have as an option for a weekend getaway and it definitely provides tons of gorgeous backdrops for shooting.  I usually don't post so many photos but I couldn't narrow down any further so I hope you're enjoying the bonus shots!

Photographer: Stefan Brysha

Hair: Style inspired and taught via YouTube- "Sleek High Bun Hair Tutorial"

Location: Lido Island, Newport Beach, CA

Lace Dress- Torrid; Brown Leather Wrap Belt- H&M; Brown Wedge Boots- Steve Madden; Gold Oversized Watch- Michael Kors; Gold/Brown Stone Ring- H&M; Earrings- Nordstrom

Style: Electric Blue Romper

Danika Brysha

I've always loved fashion but I had a hard time while growing up finding clothing that fit me well.  I remember when the upper arm bracelet was in style and the only way that was happening was if I used a headband or a belt.  Working in the fashion industry has shown me how many options are out there for whatever your body shape may be, and trying on outfit after outfit has taught me what flatters my body best.  I may not be the most stylish person in the world but I know what works for my body and who better to show you than than the girl who tries on clothes all day and watches the professionals as they style it to perfection?

I am 5'10 and I wear a size 12/14.  I usually go for the 14 unless it is something that sits at my waist like a skirt or high waisted jeans or a certain style of dress, as my waist is rather small compared to my hips and ba-donk.  Everyone's body shape is different, but for me personally, belts have become my new best friend, I wear heels almost always (which usually puts me well above 6 feet), and I prefer things with sleeves.  We all have our little preferences and if we feel confident and comfortable in what we are wearing, then nobody should make us feel otherwise!

 I saw this romper on Gilt and had to have it.  A bright blue is one of my favorite colors to wear and I liked that the pleats of fabric in front appeared forgiving.

As some of you may know, rompers are a bit risky when you are tall like me but fortunately, the extra fabric was on my team when it came to cameltoe protection.  Is it even socially acceptable to say "cameltoe" out loud?  I don't care.  Cameltoe.

It came with a black belt but I chose to change it up a bit with this snakeskin one by Steve Madden.  I paired it with sky high tan pumps as they make the legs appear longer and I thought the bright all-over blue was loud enough to keep the shoe neutral.

Electic Blue Romper- Dolce Vita;  Tan Pumps- Sam Edelman;  Belt- Steve Madden

Photography: Ashley Barrett Hair and Makeup: Stephanie Lizabeth Location: Playa Del Rey, California

*Just a note:  I have no intention of photoshopping or retouching my body to look smoother, thinner, firmer, etc. in my personal photos that I put up within blog posts.  I think it is important to realize that we all have imperfections and they're not something to be ashamed of.  Maybe if I have a giant booger on my forehead or something like... well... no, I'd DEFINITELY leave that.