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MONDivation: Be That Person

Danika Brysha

I think we all know at least one person in our lives that this is the case for.  That person who is consistently kind and genuine and doesn't say a bad word about anybody else.  Even if that person wasn't there to defend themselves from a negative comment said against them, you would know the truth of the matter without any need for further explanation.

I think this is truly such a wonderful thing to aspire to and I am so glad to see it put into words.  I will 100% be printing this and putting it up on my wall (my real wall... but probably my facebook one also) to remind myself daily to strive to be this person.  I know life can be tough and people can disappoint us and let us down but if we remind ourselves that everybody has bad days and nobody is perfect, we can look past all of our own, as well as other's imperfections, and speak and act with nothing but an honest, positive, happy heart... And people will certainly take notice!

I will definitely start striving more to be that person.  Have a beautiful week!


Danika Brysha

When I was thinking about what I wanted to use for this Monday's Motivation, I originally skimmed right over this quote without even reading it.  This image used to be the screensaver on my computer and it has come to be so familiar to me that I forgot the message entirely.  I'm glad I reread it though as it couldn't be more relevant for me right now.

I am constantly trying to improve myself in all aspects of my life.  I'm a bit stubborn in that I tend to set goals for myself and cannot stop until I achieve them.  I am really happy with the place I am currently at, but I know I am destined to do much more and I've begun taking the appropriate steps to get there.

I think it is incredibly important that we never stop improving or wanting to become better versions of ourselves, and this often means stepping out of our comfort zones.  Success takes hard work, passion, and drive.  If we're not willing to exercise these, then we'll remain exactly where we started.  And thats just... well, boring.

Take a step towards something you've been wanting to achieve today.  The only way to fail is if you don't try.

Happy Monday!