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My Greatest Entrepreneurial Advice

Danika Brysha


The other day a friend asked me what the greatest lesson I've learned so far is during my entrepreneurial journey and I knew exactly the answer.

Get business partners.

That is the single best thing that I can suggest for anyone starting a business. Find partners who you trust and love and who believe in the same vision you do. Go in for it for many reasons but never for the money. Pair up based on the strengths and weakness that contrast within each of you. 

My business partners are my rocks and my family. It's easy to build something you love when you get to do it with people you love.


Danika Brysha


It's Sunday night and I was about to go to bed and realized that I hadn't shared my writing today. I've made it almost halfway at this point without a missed day, so there's no turning back. I am committed. 

Sunday nights have become so reflective for me as I am always exhausted yet energized after a long weekend in our Model Meals kitchen. A weekend filled with "wedding jams" and packing dishes one by one with extra LOVE, especially today. Hours spent in a walk-in refrigerator packing boxes for delivery, and then the crazy rush of getting boxes up and down to our delivery driver's cars. There is so much more in the space in between these moments and though the pressures can be high when I'm in it, I return home each Sunday night overwhelmed with gratitude for the people who make this dream a reality and the realization that I do what I love for a living. I do what I am so deeply passionate about. I am so grateful. 

A startup business is an absolutely wild adventure. It's like a game every single day. There's always something new. There's always a new challenge or a better way to do something or a moment that exposes something inside yourself. It's hard work but the word "work" doesn't ever feel suited to it. I am filled with joy at this life and I am reminded that though I may not have much financially at this point, I have everything I could ever dream of. I am so happy. So grateful. And on Valentine's Day I am soaking up the self-love that has gotten me to this place where I am surrounded by so many people I love and doing everything I love. I want nothing more than to know that everyone in the world is vibrating at this frequency. I will do whatever I can to play a big role in making that a reality.