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Where I Hide All My Answers

Danika Brysha



My eyes are burning and my body is depleted but I am committed to this challenge even if it means posting nothing but the statement I AM ENOUGH.

It's funny how when you start expecting miracles you see them everywhere. They start showing up at every turn. I look back on today and realize that what are now my daily doings were once things of my dreams. The places I spent my time, the people I engaged with, the meetings I participated in. I'm tempted to elaborate but I stop myself, realizing that the details would serve nothing but my ego and that is not the space I want to live from. The power of manifestation is so real. I'm left speechless when I'm wise enough to leave the space to take it all in. Constant doing can distract from how good being is. 

I can't wait for the days when we don't glorify "busy". When we look at self-care and leisure as the ultimate mark of being enough rather than constant doing and accomplishing and producing. The moments in between seem to carry the most power of all. They are where I hide all my answers.