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A Brief Hold

Danika Brysha

Photo by  Kat Harris  for  Propel Women

I took about a year and a half off from blogging. Model Meals, Modeling, and my other ventures took a lot of energy and I wasn't feeling compelled to share here. And that's ok. I write this now, 18 months since my last blog post to tell you that I am truly living my dream life. That all the time I spend practicing self-care and manifestation has paid off in my reality. Sure, I still have plenty of big goals to acheive but I'm feeling really great with where life is. And I'm dusting off my blog as it feels natural. Because I think that everyone deserves these tools and this kind of life. And if I was nearly $100,000 in debt and living in my parents' garage just a year or so ago, and am now running a multi-million dollar company built from my passion, with a loving partner, beautiful space, vibrant modeling career, and so many of my dreams reality, then it is my obligation to share how I got here with my community.  

I needed a place to answer the questions I get so frequently asked on my Instagram page so they can be referenced at any point. So that is what I'll use this for.  If there is something you'd like to hear from me, comment here and I'll do my best to post about it. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support of me and my dreams. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this community and this life.