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My Daily Self-Care Checklist

Danika Brysha

Copyright: Danika Brysha Inc.

Copyright: Danika Brysha Inc.

I get so many requests for more info about my daily self-care checklist and I want to share it with you as best I can. The problem is that it requires a lot more than an Instagram post to explain, and my constant fear is that without proper explanation, that you could use it as a tool to shame yourself or feel badly about what you’re getting accomplished in your life, instead of highlighting all that you are.  Please use it. Build your own. But do not for one second let it determine your worth. These are tools, not RULES.

For a more in depth understanding of The Self Care Checklist, please attend one of our The Brunch Series Tour Events from April-November 2018.  In addition, I am writing a book on this subject answering any questions you could possible have about it and explaining in detail how to customize it and use it in your own life. The reason I am living the life of my dreams today is because of this tool. Because of the consistent practice of manifesting, prioritizing, scheduling, and going inward that I do daily. A great life is really just a series of great days, and this is my personal prescription for a great day. It changes regularly. I do not do it every single day. Everyone’s will be different. Here are the basics… 

I created this checklist gradually over time. It started with one thing on it. I would pick one monthly challenge that I committed to every day and wanted to have a box to check. January 2014 it was the Whole30 , then February it was journaling every day, March it was meditating every day, April it was eating only for physical hunger - not emotionally, May it was working out daily, etc, etc. Sometimes my challenge was to add something to my life and sometimes it was to remove something that wasn’t serving me. A month without social media, a month posting a blog every day, a month doing an 11-minute smile challenge where I smiled straight for 11 minutes, a month of practicing gratitude, a month with no electronics in the bedroom, and on and on. This month it’s working on my book for one hour daily. And with balance, I’d keep the habits from the previous months every time I added a new one. Ultimately creating a completely new lifestyle over time. Daily I fill in three things I’m grateful for, 3 affirmations, I write a biography of myself from the future as if someone was reading it about me, then I write a journal entry from my future describing all the happenings of my day and the feelings evoked. Our thoughts become our reality. Get your thoughts to the place you want to be and your physical reality will eventually match up. I promise you.  I schedule my wellness and my time off and my self-care like I schedule work and appointments. I built this in the app Evernote and I copy the template and paste it into a new note for the day. I have been doing this for 3 years and it works. I know you will have questions and I will do my best to answer them when I can. I hope that this helps you create your best life possible like it has mine. And always remember. You are doing enough. You ARE enough. And all the answers you need are already inside of you. You just need to create the space to listen. This will help.