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Mornings All Day

Danika Brysha


I was thinking today about how good it feels to start fresh every morning. The fact that we get to go to sleep and then wake up and give it another shot. I've been waking up most mornings around 4am lately. I do a 5am workout then spend an hour or two at the beach as the sun rises and I do my meditation, gratitude, prayer, writing, reading, and whatever other creativity sparks. I feel so alive during these times. So filled with light. So inspired. But as noon rolls around and then the afternoon, it's like I sign off from productivity and efficiency and, I hate to say it, worth. I know, I know, my worth has nothing to do with my productivity but that's a deeply rooted belief that I'm working on breaking. For now, it lives in me. And by the mid to late hours of the day, I assume I won't really be able to get anything great done. But it occurred to me that maybe that's just because I believe that. Maybe we can just choose in the middle of the day to give ourselves another morning. Have another coffee, shower, do my morning routine, shift my perspective. Time is just an illusion anyways. It's not real. So why not choose in the moment that we get a fresh start. Right now. And now. And now.