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Silent Communication

Danika Brysha


Another short one but I'll continue telling myself that this is enough. I am enough. No matter what.

I often think about how ironic it is that I was a communication major. The more that I learn about myself and look inward, the more I realize just how horrible of a communicator I've been all of my life. I still have a hard time being direct and I still protect everyone else's feelings but my own. I thought I should be a communications major because I talked a lot but that was just noise, not communication. There's a big difference and in most cases I find that the majority of communication, at least the most valuable kinds, are without words at all. They are energies and feelings and connection. I crave that. I can be surrounded in people all day but still alone. I aim to break down whatever invisible wall it is that I have up around myself. I'm chipping away daily. I crave silent connection.