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Our Greatest Wellness Hacks: An Interview with Functional Nutritionist Jackie Mulligan

Danika Brysha

I sat down with my Functional Nutritionist, Jackie Mulligan, to talk all things wellness and to answer the questions you've been asking on Instagram.

Some of the topics we cover (and the time in the video we begin talking about them) are:

  • getting back on the healthy wagon when you've fallen off (4:00)
  • morning routines (7:28)
  • when to eat breakfast; intermittent fasting, and balancing hormones (16:40)
  • how to find a great functional nutritionist or become one (31:45)
  • healing thyroid naturally (37:56)
  • vegan diets and keto diets (41:35)
  • managing stress making time for self care when you feel like you're only taking care of others (47:15)
  • natural afternoon energy boosts (58:05)

We finish the video by giving you each of our top 3 wellness habits that we incorporated in 2017 that had the biggest impact. (1:02:25)

If you'd like to work with Jackie (she works remotely!) she offers 20 minute free consultation sessions. You can contact here through her website at: I also recommend you sign up for her newsletter which is always PACKED with great info. 

My work with Jackie has been incredibly transformational and I'm so excited to share this content with you. Let us know what else you'd like to hear from Jackie and we'll address it in our next video!

To watch the interview, click the video graphic above or watch on youtube here