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L.A. Fashion's Night Out- Torrid Edition

Danika Brysha

Thursday night was Los Angeles' very own version of Fashion's Night Out so I, of course, had to be a part of it.  I skimmed the list of participating stores in my area and saw that Torrid's store at the Westfield Mall in Culver City was listed.  I had plans to meet up with some friends over on Melrose Ave and to attend a party at the Beverly Center later in the night, so I made Torrid my first stop.  I was greeted by the two most lovely ladies, Sandra and Symone, who were working the Fashion's Night Out event, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them.  They were such great sports and even helped me pick out what would eventually be my evenings new outfit!

I lapped the store a couple times, grabbed what I liked and hit the dressing room... my own personalized dressing room!  I just love that!  AND I managed to not lock myself out which is a success in itself.

Though I was tempted to buy everything, I limited myself to three things...

1. I knew I had to have the grey Source of Wisdom skinny jeans that I found on the... get ready.. CLEARANCE rack!  I felt like they were literally constructed to fit me perfectly.  They sat above my hips and butt rather than cutting me off where I am fuller, and they were nice and long.

2. I loved the Blue Open-Knit Banded pullover when I shot it originally but trying it on in the store, on my own time, made me really realize I needed it!  I think the "off-the-shoulder" look is such a relaxed yet sexy style and the sheerness of the top gives me the option to get creative with what I choose to wear underneath.

3. And my favorite of all were these multi-colored, zig-zag leggings that I ALSO found in the clearance section! Huge score!

... In fact, I liked them so much that I decided I wanted to wear them for the rest of the night.  I had originally worn one of my favorite "go-to" lace Torrid dresses (I shot it in a style post here) and though I still love it dearly, I wanted something a little bit edgier to compete with all the fashionistas out for the night using the sidewalk as their runway.  I told Symone and Sandra I needed help deciding what to wear with them, and they suggested I pair them with a basic tank top and the new sheer Black Button-Up Chiffon Hi-Lo Top.  And they were VERY right. Did I say "3 Things"?  I meant FIVE.  Oh well.  And might I just add that I got all five things for just over $120 with the Fashion's Night Out sale, clearance items, and my newly opened and potentially very dangerous Torrid credit card! Success!I bid my farewells to the fabulous Sandra and Symone and thanked them for their help and fashion guidance, and was off to meet up with my friends for the Genlux Magazine party on the roof of the Beverly Center.I had a wonderful evening in my new Torrid outfit and of course rocked my grey jeans and Blue Knit top all day Friday.  The night was wonderful and I'm sending a big thank you to Sandra, Symone, and Torrid for helping me feel even more fashionable yet again!

Anybody else score some awesome sales for Fashion's Night Out?


Beauty Boyfriends: Mascara McConaughey

Danika Brysha

While I don't have a boyfriend of my own, I do have a strong support system of beauty products that I'm pretty sure get me just as... excited.  Fortunately, some of my favorite male celebrities offered to help me spread the good word as the weeks go on.  "Why am I not dating them you ask?"... "EWWW... we're BEST FRIENDS... he's like my brother"...  right.  Now on to the eyelashes...

It seems like every time that I shoot I end up on right after we wrap, ordering whatever new beauty product I learned about that day.  I feel lucky to be learning from the pros and it wouldn't be fair if I kept it all to myself now would it?

What I lack in hair on my head, I for some reason was rewarded with in eyelashes... And I'm not complaining.  The thing is, I am naturally a dirty blonde and therefore my eyelashes and eyebrows (and that's where we'll leave this discussion) are very light.  Mascara makes a huge difference for me and I've tried too many to count.  There are two winners but one has a clear advantage.

Runner Up goes to Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils

A friend turned me on to this mascara in high school.  A very wealthy friend.  It truly makes your eyelashes look fake but the price tag is a bit higher than I prefer at $30 a pop.  I've also noticed that it tends to dry out rather quickly so I was frequently purchasing a new tube, which started to add up.  If you don't mind splurging then I highly recommend it but otherwise I'll let you in on my little "not so" secret...


THE WINNER: Maybelline theCOLOSSAL Volum' Express

This has been my favored mascara choice for a couple of years now and I'm often seeing it in Makeup artist's kits at work.  It is sold in almost all drugstores for about $7 and usually lasts me for a few months!  I recommend the "Glam Black" color.  I don't recommend the Waterproof one... unless you are planning on competing in a wet T-shirt contest.  The regular formula works just fine but will also come off when you want it to.  The first couple applications can be a little too heavy but after that it is the perfect little miracle!  I have a whole transition process when I'm at the end of one tube and the start of another which involves dipping the older used brush in the new tube for a few applications.  It keeps the old tube going strong for a few more uses and helps avoid the over lacquering that can happen with a new tube.  I'm thrifty... what can I say!

But wait... there's more.  The way you apply mascara is just as important as the kind you use.  I've put together a video blog of my personal mascara tips, live from my Milwaukee hotel room...

The Magic between Mike and I

Danika Brysha

Not too long ago a group of friends and I decided to spend our Friday night soaking up the sexiness that is Magic Mike.  Opening Day?  Sure.  Why Not.

As my friend Bonnie so perfectly put it...

"I am genuinely embarrassed for the female race"

We arrived to pick up our tickets at will call and were quickly informed that the line wrapping halfway down the street and around the corner was precisely where we should wait.  It was unlike any line I've ever seen with the exception of the time Ryan Cabrera came to my local Best Buy and signed my "On The Way Down" CD.

When we got to the theater it was a madhouse.  I've never shopped a big sale on Black Friday but I can imagine this is what it would be like.  I was flailing and running into anything that crossed my path.   Pre-menopausal women and a few gay men (and not even the fabulous West Hollywood kind) were darting every which way in search of the perfect love cushion in which to rest their bosoms for the next two hours of ecstasy.  Woah.  That was deep.  We found an adequate quadra-cushion for the four of us gals and started stretching.

To be honest, the storyline wasn't the best but I'm not gonna lie and say I took my eyes away from the screen for a second.  If I've learned anything from the movie it was that if this blogging/modeling thing doesn't work out, I can always take up stripping and put together a mean rendition of the In-N-Out drive thru speaker attendant turned meat market play toy.  Or King Kong.  Something like that.

Needless to say I have a couple ideas for the sequel...

Phone Contacts Storage

Danika Brysha

I've come here today to teach all of you a valuable lesson.  I have previously discussed cell phone etiquette with you, but in a day when space and time is of peak importance, it is crucial that when we need to make a call, we can navigate our contacts with ease and practicality.  As an example, I have taken some of my phone contacts and am sharing with you the most ideal way of organizing them so that when you need one, it can be easily at your fingertips...







*At what point does a person you hitchhiked with turn into a person you can regularly call for a ride?



*If you're wondering why he is called "Blaze Picture Guy" it is because he kindly texted me these photos of himself the next morning for a refresher...


... I won't be mad if you want to save that middle one to your desktop.







*Raul:  In college my loving friends gave my number to a group of 11 year old boys at the Winter X-Games.  Raul must have taken a liking to me because he would call to chat at various points throughout the day.  I don't think 11 year olds should have cell phones. When I was 11 I had a Tamagotchi and a Baby G watch.

*I left Princeton's phone number visible because I'm sure he would love a few extra customers.  Feel free to call but just know that once you do, there is no turning back.



Note: David Match is different from David Match Texas, I checked the numbers.



*"Young" in no way refers to somebody of a lower age number.  "Young" does however refer to a man I met while driving on Hollywood Blvd. that invited me to the Grammy's with him and 108% did not have tickets to the Grammy's.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  If you're not going to be able to recall who a person is or how you know them, then chances are you probably don't need to be storing them in your phone.

For more info on this topic please click here...

Graduation Attire

Danika Brysha

My friend Lindsay Diamond, who is not a pornstar, graduated from FIDM (Fashion school) this past weekend.  A group of friends and I decided we'd go to the ceremony and support her but we knew we needed some pretty sweet swag if we were going to do this right.  My friend asked if we should make a poster.  That was funny.  I immediately knew that everyone needed a neon T-shirt and that I would handle the rest.

I have a new obsession with photoshop.  I have spent countless hours lately watching tutorials on youtube, trying them out myself, epically failing, and starting over.  And though I have yet to learn how to give myself a six pack, fuller hair, or a peg-leg, I am becoming rather successful at cropping myself and my closest friends into way cooler situations than Cabo Cantina on a Wednesday night.

And this was the result...

Now, Lindsay and her mother have two of the most severe ADHD cases I've seen in a living human, or for that matter a goldfish.  As a result, these are the best group photos we managed...

**Lindsay's mom asked that I use my photoshop skills to glam her up a bit as well and since "moms know best" I knew I had to obey

I'm available for all your political campaigns, Quinceañeras, and Speed Dating events.  See the above booking tab for more information.

Congrats to all the recent graduates of 2012.  Now go get a job.

True Blood Premiere Party

Danika Brysha

 Last week I was invited to attend the True Blood Season Five Premiere and Party.

Before I started modeling full time, I worked as a production assistant on True Blood during seasons three and four and absolutely loved it.  Even though I spent  80 hours a week making coffees, telling grown men to lower their voices, and counting how many ice cubes I put in a Pellegrino, I utterly enjoyed every minute of it and my coworkers became my family.  When my old boss asked if I'd be her date to the event I was so excited!

The night started at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood where we saw the first episode of Season Five.  I can't say much but I will tell you that it was awesome and naked... as usual.  After the screening we all walked next door to a new club called Lure.  There were dancers, trays of drinks and food, and loads of sexy people everywhere.  I rarely get to go to these kinds of events so I needed to look H-O-T.

 I ordered this dress from Rent the Runway, even though the earliest it could arrive was the day of the event.  I wear a size 12/14 and the largest they had was a 12 (not a fan of this) so I ordered it anyways.  It was a tad too tight, a bit short, and the open sleeve style accentuated my ravishing armpits.  I've always had a great experience with Rent the Runway though and I sent it back for a full refund which they happily awarded me.  I had bought a few backups at Loehmann's though and ended up wearing a long-sleeve, curve hugging, red dress by A.B.S.   I ended up happy, confident, and comfortable all night.  Alexander Skaarsgard was all over me.  He can be so suffocating at times.  Ok that didn't happen.

Check out some of the photos I took with the cast and crew below...

[imagebrowser id=6]

Tune into HBO this Sunday, June 10th, 2012 for the Season Five Premiere of True Blood

Please Stop Asking This Question

Danika Brysha

(Originally published: November 4, 2010)

I hate when people ask me what kind of music I like.   If they ask me that initially, I know it’s not going to work out between us.   It is a sure fire way that you will be judged and placed accordingly.  It is similar but not directly related to someone asking your Astrological sign.  If you are someone that is going to judge our compatibility based on me being the “twin” and you are the “scorpion” (Is a scorpion a sign or is that Chinese New Year?) we clearly have different interests in life.

It’s not that I don’t like music.  Music is nice.  It is just that the question of asking what kind of music I like is so critical.  It’s up there with asking me which Hanson brother was hottest.  Can’t I just be honest and say my Pandora is still set to J-Kwon’s Tipsy and call it a day?

I don’t even know what this question means.  There are so many variations and ways to answer it.  What song do I most commonly enjoy karaokeing to?  What kind of music did I lose my virginity to?  What kind of music do I pretend to like to impress whatever person I am trying to impress?

This question is usually asked by someone who listens to some hip, underground, alternative group that no one listens to and frankly isn’t even good.  At work, I have made the conscious decision to never be the one whose laptop plays our 16-hour a day soundtrack in the office.  It’s a lot of pressure and god only know that with my luck my iTunes will get stuck on something like Dashboard Confessional.

I think people should listen to whatever music tickles them in that special way…

On that note I’d like to include a playlist that I like to live my life by and that you should probably listen to:

  1. Bed Intruder Song- Antoine Dodsen  Bed Intruder Song
  2. Cameltoe- FannyPack
  3. Teardrops on My Guitar- T. Swift… because no matter how old you are you have sat and listened to this song and imagined the person in your life who caused all those teardrops that stained your new guitar… kidding… kind of
  4. Teach Me How to Dougie- Cali Swag District
  5. Milkshake- Kelis
  6. That’s Not My Name- The Ting Tings… only because I used to pretend I was a Victoria’s Secret model in front of my mirror repeatedly to this song
  7. Graduation (Friends Forever)- Vitamin C
  8. Play- David Banner… The lyrics just always tug at my heartstrings
  9. My Dick- Mickey Avalon…. This goes out to my friend Val…
  10. The Theme Song to Full House
  11. Blue (Da Ba Dee)- Eiffel 65
  12. Summer Girls- LFO… I remember thinking this song was so cool cause it had the words “Abercrombie and Fitch” in it… I know you did too
  13. Mambo #5- Lou Bega… I rewrote this song with lyrics about my cheerleading team in 6th grade and performed it for everyone at practice.  So that’s comfortable.
  14. Stay- Lisa Loeb
  15. Who Let the Dogs Out- Baja Fresh Men
  16. Empty Apartment- Yellowcard… I used to listen to this in high school when I wanted to pretend I was emo and had a lot of serious life issues to deal with.
  17. Who’s That Girl- Eve… I liked to play this in my headphones while on family trips and pictured myself owning the Newport Beach sidewalks with paw print tattoos on my chest
  18. Purple Pills-Eminem… Same scenario.  Family Road Trip.  Had no idea what it was about.
  19. The Day I Fall in Love-  This is the song from Beethoven’s 2nd when Ryce gets a ride from Taylor Devereaux in his convertible after school and she is so speechless she has to run up to her bedroom and collapse onto her bed with only Beethoven to console  her.
  20. Trapped in the Closet- R. Kelly…

But seriously, what kind of music do you like??

Things Gisele Bundchen and I Have in Common

Danika Brysha

(Originally published: October 25, 2010)

I was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror at work and suddenly realized that Giselle Bundchen and I have A LOT in common.

Below are some of the most prominent and obvious similarities

#1.  She is a Supermodel.  I am (occasionally rarely) a Plus-Size Model.

#2.  She is married to an NFL quarterback.  I once made out with an unnamed NFL quarterback.

#3.  She is from Brazil.  I went to Brazil one time and stepped on a Red Ant Hill

#4. After I stepped on the Brazilian Ant Hill I went to wash off my bare foot and stepped in dog feces.  Gisele has dogs.

#5. She models for Victoria’s Secret.  I like to order clothes from Victoria’s secret because they run big and make me feel thinner.

#6.  She models for Christian Dior.  I model for Indian Taxi-Bicycles.

#7.  She likes Louis Vuitton bags.  My friend Kayley has a Louis Vuitton bag and I'm pretty sure my mom has an LV wallet insert.

#8.  She has a baby named Ben.  When I was in 5th grade I watched Ben Affleck in "The Voyage of the Mimi".

Ok, cool.  I think I covered all the bases.