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VIDEO: The Trick to Creating Permanent Change: Losing the Weight for the Last Time

Danika Brysha

There's a certain high that comes along with a great weight loss and feeling better about ourselves... and a very clear low when our diet eventually fails us and we gain the weight back. By this point, most health-conscious individuals recognize that diets don't work.  The key is making realistic lifestyle changes that have no end date in sight.  So if diets don't work, what can we do in order to create lasting change? I've got your back!  Check out my latest video on creating permanent changes and the trick to losing the weight for the final time.  And a bonus, this tip helps in all areas of life whether it's addiction, a job we don't like, a bad relationship, or just an overall desire to step yourself UP in the game of life.

Practicing Vulnerability: Journals Unedited

Danika Brysha

In the last couple months, I have been journaling every day.  I absolutely love to write and when I do, time stands still. It has been the first time that I've been able to really make sense of my thoughts and to truly access that deeper level that has been buried or numbed for so long. Most of my blog posts take fragments from my journal and are edited to suit an audience but every now and then I want to share with you the dialogue that comes straight from my heart.  My journal entries, completely unedited.  Here is what came up this morning...

photo 1

Date: Friday, April 11th, 2014

Time: 12:30-1:30pm

Location: NYC- Meatpacking District: random table and chair outside Gaslight

I decided to stop and sit in the action of the city to do this morning's journaling.  With the exception of the cigarette smoke that's reaching my health bubble, everything is pretty perfect.  I just had a casting at Milk Studios so I'm looking pretty top notch as well. I like being alone in a big city occasionally.  All sorts of energy passing by as I peacefully sit here and write.

I want to feel like New York is as magical as if I was sitting in the middle of Paris or Barcelona.  And it is!  It can just be hard to recognize when you feel like it isn't going anywhere.  When you live here it is really easy to take for granted the fact that I'm living in the most beautiful part of the most amazing city in the world.  How lucky am I?!

I really don't need much to make me happy.  Getting good sleep, getting up and ready for the day, and getting out into the world is so fulfilling.  What I'm doing right now is what I hope to be doing forever.  And its so great to know just how little I really need to be happy. A journal, a pen, a roof over my head, food to eat, and love and support around me.  I could really make that a reality anywhere.

photo 2

It's truly a great day in NY.  The first since I've moved here that was really suited to sitting outside and writing.  I have a feeling that Spring will be when I fall madly in love with this place.  As I've been spending more time out and about, meeting people and being present, I'm reminded of how many wonderful people are out in this world.  It's a true shame that we don't get to meet all of them but I trust that the universe brings together the right ones. 

I've been really wanting to be my true, authentic self more lately.  I notice that I still wear a lot of masks and that I want nothing more than to totally strip myself of them in all arenas. The thing is, I know I'm a beautiful, passionate person worth of love and I truly believe that I'd find even more support and much deeper connections if I could just find a way to cut out all the bullshit.  All of the caring what people think, trying to please everyone, and anything I do that suggests I'm trying to be something that I'm not.  I know I'll get there.  I've already come so far and I know it's just a matter of time.  I'm just going to try to be more aware of when I think I may be faking or trying too much and to make some positive shift.

(My friend) Julia is staying with me and she's just so real. So able to be vulnerable and not concern herself with what I think when she tells a story.  She seems to just be really in tune with herself which I admire.  For so long I numbed myself to all my emotions so I can't expect to start feeling and being completely in tune with them right away.  It all takes time.  It's a journey much like mine with food.

photo 3

I'm beginning to get a lot more comfortable with being hungry.  I've found that now that I've told myself that being hungry is ok, I'm a lot less frantic about the concept.  I can relax and live more, knowing that I don't have to plan every move around my next meal.  Knowing that food will always be there and that I won't starve.  It feels really freeing.  And I think that's gonna be the key to being able to tune out the thinking about food all day thing.  Because when I know its ok to be hungry, I can forget to worry about it and in turn focus on living fully during the remainder of my days.  When its not a constant concern, I'll be able to forget about it- which for me is the ultimate goal. 

To only think of food and eating when my physical body tells me it needs fueling.  That would be a true cure for me.  The goal of all of this.  To take all the power away from food and to view it strictly as fuel. 

Be someone who "forgets to eat" or who finally views eating as another normal daily task like going to the bathroom or sleeping.

Something we think about when our body alerts us to its necessity and that we don't think about when it doesn't. That's how I define being cured from food addiction.  That's the END!

I think I've always had a hard time determining what the goal was.  What to strive for at the very end of all of this.  What I can tell people to expect when they can finally conquer all of this.  Being the kind of person that can have a box of Cheez-Its go stale in the cupboard or find a bag of peanut M&M's that have expired in your pantry.  

And fortunately through all of this I've managed to become super passionate about health and nutrition as well.  Thinking for so long that they were two completely related concepts but really they're quite different.  I'm glad my comfort eating led me to thinking nutrition was the answer because though I'm realizing that it isn't, I managed to gain an extreme love and passion for quality, real, whole foods in this process of self-discovery.  And that is truly invaluable!


When Two Sexy People Decide to Marry...

Danika Brysha

This past weekend I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my best friends from high school and her hunk of a husband, Steve.  Lisa is one of the most creative people I know and her jewelry is showcased in about 99% of my outfit posts, so it goes without saying that the wedding was spectacular!  It was a beautiful evening with wonderful people and some serious style, so I wanted to share some photos with you.

We arrived at the home of the Sperry family to get ready for the big day.  The Sperry family needs their own reality show.  Just some seriously awesome people.  If you can make that happen let me know.  And the house was gorgeous. And the mimosas were flowing... heavily...

Everybody got their hair and makeup done with the exception of yours truly, who insisted on popping my weave in with my own nimble fingers.  Hey Dad, I may not be using that communications degree with the current job, but I sure as hell am learning how to improve my glamour factor.

We rode to La Purisma Catholic Church in the cutest Trolley and the driver didn’t hesitate to play some sweet 90’s love jams for the duration of the short trip.  We arrived at the church and the procession began shortly after.

The colors at the ceremony were classic, with whites, blacks, and greys on point.  Our only requirement for our bridesmaids dresses were that they were black and had some sort of vintage feel, like fringe or lace.  I’ve never been amongst a more stylish group of women and needless to say all the ladies looked stylish and stunning... AND two of the bridesmaids were pregnant! And no, it wasn't me...

I found my dress on one of my favorite websites, Rent the Runway.  If you’re not familiar, you should be!  You find a designer dress online and pay the rental fee (usually about $50-$100) and they send it to you in two different sizes so you know one will fit.  You keep it for four days and send it back in the included shipping envelopes and you’re done.  No cleaning or huge prices on something you’ll wear once.  My dress was by Shoshanna and fit perfectly upon arrival.  And no, I do not work for Rent the Runway though my enthusiasm is similar to that of In-N-Out Burger.

The trolley took us with the groomsmen, the bride, and the groom, to take photos... and then the real party began!

The reception was in the Sperry family’s unbelievable backyard.  There were candles set in glass bottles, lights strung across the dining area and dance floor, and gorgeous floral arrangements in whites, pinks, and creams.

I danced the night away until I found myself sitting on the side with an icepack on my now twisted ankle.  I’d say I hurt myself dancing about 45% of the time that I do it.  And I have never regretted it once.


The bride and groom snuck away at some point during the last couple hours that I spent pouring leftover champagne from the dinner toast into my larger drink cup.  Needless to say the story ends there.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Scheuermann!  Those are going to be some hot ass babies…

Sunday Worship- Spanx

Danika Brysha

At some point in the last couple years I graduated from one pair of nude colored, shorts-style Spanx to having a drawer of them fuller than the one holding my padded bras and sorority T-shirts.  Some people go to a therapist to keep themselves in order and feel their best... I wear Spanx.  Please join me in saying a hymn for one of the saints in my life...

Dear Spanx:

I can't thank you enough
Without you I'd be a mess
I'm reminded of your beauty
In my bodycon dress 
I would do anything for your love
Like a fraternity pledger
People are starting to catch on
Like Lululemon and Herve Leger 
But no one can replace you
How you look at me is so cute
And I love those little hot pockets
You leave loosely for my glutes
Celebs even love you
Think of all those hot bodies you wrap
Like Kim, Eva, and Beyonce
And that girl from Parent Trap
My days can be challenging
But you make life so worth living
I can binge eat Chipotle
And you're still so forgiving
So I stayed home from the gym
Eating Doritos on the couch
But you didn't hold it against me
And still smoothed my belly pouch
When I last checked your site
I just couldn't believe it
You now make Spanx for Men!
I'm sure he really needs it
You suck everything in tightly
And make a perfect package out of me
Like those genius Vacuum Bags
I always see on QVC
When I have to look sexy,
You're somebody I can rely on
It's the most love I've ever felt
For a blend of Lycra and Nylon
So here in conclusion
From my perfectly shaped thigh
Keep up all the hard work
You're a hell of a guy!

Phone Contacts Storage

Danika Brysha

I've come here today to teach all of you a valuable lesson.  I have previously discussed cell phone etiquette with you, but in a day when space and time is of peak importance, it is crucial that when we need to make a call, we can navigate our contacts with ease and practicality.  As an example, I have taken some of my phone contacts and am sharing with you the most ideal way of organizing them so that when you need one, it can be easily at your fingertips...







*At what point does a person you hitchhiked with turn into a person you can regularly call for a ride?



*If you're wondering why he is called "Blaze Picture Guy" it is because he kindly texted me these photos of himself the next morning for a refresher...


... I won't be mad if you want to save that middle one to your desktop.







*Raul:  In college my loving friends gave my number to a group of 11 year old boys at the Winter X-Games.  Raul must have taken a liking to me because he would call to chat at various points throughout the day.  I don't think 11 year olds should have cell phones. When I was 11 I had a Tamagotchi and a Baby G watch.

*I left Princeton's phone number visible because I'm sure he would love a few extra customers.  Feel free to call but just know that once you do, there is no turning back.



Note: David Match is different from David Match Texas, I checked the numbers.



*"Young" in no way refers to somebody of a lower age number.  "Young" does however refer to a man I met while driving on Hollywood Blvd. that invited me to the Grammy's with him and 108% did not have tickets to the Grammy's.

MORAL OF THE STORY:  If you're not going to be able to recall who a person is or how you know them, then chances are you probably don't need to be storing them in your phone.

For more info on this topic please click here...

Sunday Worship: Ferrari Clothing

Danika Brysha

Sunday is the Lord's day.  A day to give back and be thankful for those things in life that we truly appreciate.   So what better time is there to write a hymn about something I truly worship?

This week I have been especially thankful for men who wear Ferrari Brand clothing...

To Juan:
It was another night out,
bored with men at the bars
But then I saw the passion in your eyes
for dollar bills and fast cars
You approached me so sultry,
Never seen a man so bold
And then like a sign from above,
I saw that emblem in Gold
The way that Ferrari logo laid
ever so gently across your pec,
You clearly had drive and true passion,
and a large pay check
We talked about cars,
I told you about my 92' Suburban
You quickly changed the subject
to your cousin who's Persian
You were so modest the whole time,
I probably sounded like a brat
And without further adieu,
you slipped on a matching red hat
We talked about driving down the coast,
and how much you loved Cali'
Images of love flashed through my head,
like when Harry met Sally
So I chugged that shot of Smirnoff
and finished your beer
"It's time to bump and grind,
lets get out of here"
You paid the valet ticket,
as I knew you could afford
And then out of nowhere I saw it...
your Honda Accord!
As they handed you your keychain,
with a lanyard that said "Juan"
I realized I too could have that shirt,
for $18.93 here on Amazon


The OK Cupid Experiment

Danika Brysha

(Originally published: October 29, 2010)

My friend Ben from work always tells me really funny stories about the dates he goes on with major creep statusers from OkCupid.  I thought I would take it upon myself to find true love and joined the site.  ( lots of gems)  I made a profile and posted the below pictures that I thought I looked the prettiest in so I could get the best caliber of men.  Boy was I right.  They had a lot of good things to say and since inner beauty is what counts, I knew they were in it for the long haul.

My profile was rather short.  I hit a few key points in my life that you all should know about me.  To sum it up, I said I worked on a TV show, I like to snowboard, I love sushi and sandwiches, and that I have a GREAT smile.

I felt like the Keebler Elf and jumped with joy when I received many new messages from single men in the Los Angeles Area.  Most of them really knew how to woo a woman of my stature and I was certain I would find my life partner like Ellen and Portia.

Below are some of my favorite messages I've received....

  1. "I don't think I can sleep tonight, unless I can kiss you goodnight!"
  2. "wow. you're gorgeous. do u like tall men with large italian cocks? i only ask because i'm 6ft3 and i own and over-sized chicken farm in rome."
  3. Subject: Yep. "Definitely your smile."
  4. Subject: Cucumber "You're cute. BUT  Are you cool as a cucumber? It's a must. ;)"
  5. "Your smiling is stunning!!!!" **My Smiling, Huh?  Good to know**
  6. "Danika, I'd love to talk to you and take it from there. If we were at a bar I'd buy you a shot of tequila, because that's an awesome way to roll and ask if you'd want to go to a Laker game with me sometime"  **I'm actually considering calling him.  I like how he just gets to the point**
  7. Subject:  I'm on a Horse:  "ahah just letting you know you were one of my matches and you seemed interesting! I love that you're ambitious about making movies. Have you made any of your own yet? I hope that didn't sound too creepy..." **.... So tell me, where does the horse come in?"
  8. Subject: Sail Away With Me  "We can go to Greece where I'll become an emperor and you can come and bring me grapes. Or we can become pirates and have an excuse to get drunk all day and steal things." **This is just weird**
  9. "I haven't talked to you in a long time. How have you been? : )" **I'll admit.  I fell for this one.  I don't know this guy.  He wanted me to think I do.  But I don't.  And now I never will.**
  10. **This one's my favorite: (I blocked out the info cause my blog is super famous and I don't want you weirdos contacting my boyfriend)** "You seem like an fun and interesting person I would love to chat with you, hit me up 310.XXX.3394 and my BBM is 30EEXX1. If you have AIM add me PhaXXneusa is my ID and for MSN it is  Have a great weekend!  **I love a guy who plays hard to get**

Here is where the experiment comes in.

Because I am a big believer in true love, I decided to post some new pictures of myself to keep the messages flowing in.  I deleted the prior ones I had, and posted these new ones below...

And I waited...

Eureka! Finally my prince charming responded.  Here is what he had to say...

"Hey I think your pretty awesome and I was just wondering what your thoughts were on casual sex??"

I think he is the one and he seems to really know what I'm looking for in a man.  I'll let you guys know how everything works out.  Keep a look out for a change in my Facebook relationship status.

P.S.  About 30 minutes after I changed my pictures from Exhibit A to Exhibit B I got this email...

The Interns at OkCupid voted me GOOD-LOOKING!! I'm going to hang this on my fridge.